The Key to Social Banking
The Key to Social Banking
PayKey enables mobile users to transfer money to anyone within any social platform
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and intuitive

How it works

At the core of PayKey’s Social Banking solution is the patent pending Mobile
Banking Keyboard.

This unique keyboard seamlessly integrates with the mobile banking application, enabling users to initiate a range of financial services, including P2P payments, request payment, balance check, cardless cash withdrawal, and more, from within any mobile application without needing to open a dedicated app. PayKey’s white label solution easily integrates on the API level and retains the bank authentication method without compromising the security level.

Users make instant P2P payments on any app while engaged in social interactions

All actions are performed within the security of their trusted bank

No need to onboard a dedicated app - one banking button supports all apps!

Regain P2P transactions lost to digital wallets and native payment solutions

Position your bank as a market leading trailblazer

Create a pathway for market growth and retention of millennials


Here are some of the leading financial institutions that have already chosen PayKey